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1 in 5 people have chronic pain.
Are you one of them?

At Lin Health Medical Group, we understand how hard it is to get effective, compassionate care for chronic pain.

  • That's why we’ve created an evidence-based Pain Recovery program backed by the latest pain science.

  • The treatment is built on a neuroscience approach to chronic pain that addresses the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns affecting the experience of pain.

  • You don't have to manage your pain alone any more.  The team will be with you every day to guide you through this proven treatment program to help you reclaim your life from pain.

You don't have to manage your pain alone anymore

Our 3-step program

Step 1:  Evaluation & Enrollment

You will first meet with one of our doctors to review your medical history and develop a personalized plan of care. Our physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating chronic pain, including in cases where you may have received uncertain or conflicting medical advice in the past.

Step 2: Personalization

You will then be matched with a Pain Recovery Coach at Lin Health.

Your coach is your greatest champion during treatment, meeting with you weekly and messaging with you between appointments to offer support and guidance.

Coaches are highly trained and compassionate. They are the secret to our patients’ success.

Step 3: Treatment

Together with your coach, you’ll work through resources to treat your pain step-by-step, including education, exercises, and pain-reducing techniques.

You can access these resources every day, 24/7, through Lin’s easy-to-use app and online patient portal.

Lin makes sure to update your other care providers regularly with your progress for a highly integrated care experience.

The evidence: Chronic pain treatment


of people who receive Lin’s treatment report an improvement in their life, from reduced pain and increased level of function.

What patients say

Kelly Calkins
Lin has made a HUGE and dramatic impact on my life. I went from being in chronic, severe pain to almost no pain. We’ve been able to learn a lot of root causes for why the pain flares as well, and it’s helped me significantly. I’m incredibly grateful for my coach especially. I most definitely would not have made such fast progress if it wasn’t for her helping me see things I would’ve missed on my own. I’ve been recommending it to a lot of my friends/family who are in pain and they are in awe of what a transformation I’ve had from it.
Within weeks of using Lin, my symptoms dramatically decreased. Six months later, I have recovered and consider myself to be in remission. Coach Mia was the best coach imaginable. She taught me something new in every session, created a safe environment, and was my number one fan. The modules were incredibly helpful, especially the emotional awareness and expression ones. Thank you, Lin!
Elizabeth J
Lin Health has given me my life back. I struggled with daily chronic treatment resistant migraines and POTS for 8 years. My life was significantly affected as well as my husband's and children's. I started Lin Health and their pain repressing treatment in Jan/Feb and by April I was migraine free and also free from any POTS symptoms. I no longer take any medications for anything. My coach was the perfect match for me, always supporting me and meeting me where I was at.
I was really hesitant to try Lin for chronic migraines, but desperation led me here. So from a true skeptic, this was such a wonderful experience. I now have no migrianes. Lin has truly changed my life.
Misty Davidson
Lin makes you an equal partner in your recovery journey. It's not a passive process where you eat this or take that pill, etc. Nor is in a one-size-fits-all program. There is a curriculum, but it is tailored to your needs. It includes the wisdom of the ages along with the newest science. I think of it as nothing new, yet entirely new. Highly recommend.
Toni Dieber
My experience with Lin Health has been amazing. i love my coach and look forward to my sessions each week, and being able to message my coach at any time when i feel pain or stress is priceless. My coach has helped me not only to decrease my pain but has helped me in every aspect of my life. i would recommend Lin Health to anyone who is struggling with chronic pain.
I have suffered with chronic pain off and on my entire adult life. Lin Health uses science based tools that have helped me break the pain-fear-pain cycle. Even though I had knowledge about many of these tools, Lin presents the information in a systematic, organized method through videos, quizzes and readings on their app. I was also assigned a supportive coach that helped me through the program. I enjoyed retraining my brain with Lin Health!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Click here to start the program.

Will my insurance cover this?

Lin’s program is covered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine!

The patient’s responsibility is 1 co-pay per month, subject to deductibles and coinsurance. If you have questions, please call (207) 405-0901.

How does treatment work?

  • Most pain treatments and procedures are designed to treat the “Acute Pain Circuit,” which sends pain signals during the first 6 weeks of pain onset. After that, research shows that pain switches to a different signaling system, the “Chronic Pain Circuit.” Lin's approach targets the Chronic Pain Circuit directly, giving better and longer-lasting results.
  • Our program’s approach is based on clinically-proven techniques like Pain Reprocessing Therapy and migraine trigger desensitization. MRI research shows these treatments cause neuroplastic changes in the brain and nervous system, and can reduce pain in as little as 8 weeks. To learn more, please visit Lin’s research page at

What if I have more than one type of pain?

This is very common with our patients, and is actually a positive indication that you will respond well to our treatment approach. We support a variety of pain conditions including fibromyalgia, IBS, low back pain, neck pain, migraine, post-surgical pain, and more.

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