The way we experience pain hasn’t changed. The way we treat pain has.

The Lin program includes:


Pain recovery starts with an accurate diagnosis. Your diagnostic pain specialist-a medical professional, trained in the latest ICD-11 diagnostic codes for chronic pain-will evaluate your medical history, provide you with an accurate diagnosis, and build your treatment program accordingly.

It sounds like you have really turned a corner, Jodi! Tell me more about the mindset shift you mentioned.

Coach Deb

My new perspective is, this is my brain's language and way of giving me biofeedback. Sometimes I just say, "thanks for the feedback but I got this.”


Primary pain recovery program

Your program is a step-by-step journey that incorporates neuroscience education, fear reduction, association rebuilding, and multidisciplinary support for mood, sleep, movement, and other pain-related issues. You’ll learn to build new habits to reduce pain, prevent flare-ups, and sustain long-term success.

Integrative support team

Pain recovery is a process. Your Lin Coach is there for you every step of the way: helping you integrate brain-first pain recovery techniques into your life, introducing you to new concepts and resources, providing support during challenging periods, and celebrating big wins.

How Lin has changed our members’ lives

Cate H
Cate H

Some of the things that I’m able to do now that I wasn’t able to do before include, be medication-free. I haven’t had to take any pain medication since I started this program. Which is astonishing.

Linda K
Linda K

I cannot say enough good things about my coach. She is amazing, I feel like she truly cares about me. She is encouraging and supportive, and constantly providing me with resources for my next steps.

Sarra L
Sarra L

Lin has helped me feel like I have a relationship with my brain. And the pain is not completely in control of me, but that we are in dialogue.

Petra S
Petra S

After an odyssey of 30 years of not being able to hike, and having been in a wheelchair for a couple of months....surgeries.....I am now able to hike even trails that are marked difficult"

Lisa Z
Lisa Z

Incredible resource for those that have experienced chronic pain....I have dealt with chronic pain for over 15 years and this is the first time I feel hopeful about what the future holds. Blessed to have found this wonderful team!

Lisa H
Lisa H

I have had fibro since before it was “popular” (lol)! I’ve been in pain for over 30 years. Lin works. You have to be open to it working and be willing to put in the work yourself. If you are, you will definitely see a big difference in your quality of life.

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Step-by-step journey towards pain recovery at your own pace

Getting ready

Have a call with a member of our welcome team to confirm your coaching match, learn about your next steps, and get any questions answered.

Share your pain history in preparation for your diagnostic call.

Schedule your diagnostic call to determine if primary pain is an accurate diagnosis for you. Your plan will be customized accordingly.

Pain education and evidence building

Meet with your coach for pain education and evidence building, with unlimited messaging between meetings.

Dive into the new neuroscience of pain while building an understanding of how the science applies to your pain.

Build your evidence list - this is how we start to turn things around.

Pain recovery training

Work with your coach on pain recovery skills training.

Continue learning between coaching sessions with curated resources, exercises, and unlimited multi-media messaging with your coach.

Master the skills that teach your brain to settle down your pain signaling system.

Reinforcement and integration

At this point, your daily pain levels will be down, and pain will interfere less with your life.

Practice your new techniques while shifting your focus towards enjoying your life instead of just managing your pain.

Work with your coach to prevent and address flare-ups as needed.

Build your future. Celebrate your success.

Review your progress over the year and celebrate your transformation.

Build an action plan to carry your achievements forward.

The road out of chronic pain starts here

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