A pain recovery program designed to get you back to the life you want to live.

Our pain recovery program allows you to make big changes, quickly.

By addressing our thinking, feeling, and behavioral patterns, we can train our brains to change our experience of pain and, in many cases, reverse it completely.
These are the 12 core components of our program:


Pain recovery starts with an accurate diagnosis. Your diagnostic pain specialist-a medical professional, trained in the latest ICD-11 diagnostic codes for chronic pain-will evaluate your medical history, provide you with an accurate diagnosis, and build your treatment program accordingly.

It sounds like you have really turned a corner, Jodi! Tell me more about the mindset shift you mentioned.

Coach Deb

My new perspective is, this is my brain's language and way of giving me biofeedback. Sometimes I just say, "thanks for the feedback but I got this.”


Primary pain recovery program

Your program is a step-by-step journey that incorporates neuroscience education, fear reduction, association rebuilding, and multidisciplinary support for mood, sleep, movement, and other pain-related issues. You’ll learn to build new habits to reduce pain, prevent flare-ups, and sustain long-term success.

Integrative support team

Pain recovery is a process. Your Lin Coach is there for you every step of the way: helping you integrate brain-first pain recovery techniques into your life, introducing you to new concepts and resources, providing support during challenging periods, and celebrating big wins.

Understanding pain and recovery

Understanding the basics of modern pain science and how it applies to your pain experience and recovery process is central to your program.

Pain education

Familiarity with the modern neuroscience of pain, including the details of current research on primary pain, is the foundation of your program.

Pain self-awareness

Understand how the neuroscience of pain applies to you and how this relates to your pain recovery.

The pain recovery process

Ups and downs are part of the process. Learn how to stay motivated for success   knowing you’re on a proven pathway towards pain recovery.

Shifting cognitive and behavioral patterns

Recovery from primary pain requires a rewiring of the subconscious brain. We can mold the brain by relating differently to pain sensations.

Somatic tracking

Gain tools for observing and processing your physical sensations and learn to respond to painful sensations through a lens of safety.


Flare-ups are a normal part of the healing journey. Learn to use them as an opportunity to put new coping skills into action.

Pain Behaviors

Learn to challenge and change the avoidance behaviors that you’ve built up around pain - and learn to incorporate graded exposure to activities and pain triggers.

Addressing pain triggers

Our physical body, feelings, and thoughts are all intrinsically connected. Recovery from the physical sensation of pain involves addressing our thoughts and emotions as well.

Soothing the nervous system

The general state of our nervous system impacts our experience of pain. Learn to get yourself to a comfortable emotional zone and stay there.

Pain and emotions

Emotions and stress play a profound role in pain. Gain tools to de-catastrophize emotions in relation to pain and develop a sense of curiosity and tolerance for normal life-stressors.

Pain thoughts

Build awareness of the thoughts you have around pain and learn how to alter and redirect your thinking patterns as needed.

Replacing pain with the good in life

Introducing positivity and resiliency opens you to a bigger life. Develop practices of self-compassion, gratitude, and joy as vital tools for rewiring the nervous system.

Positive orientation

Self-compassion and a shifting of focus towards things that bring you pleasure, joy, and gratitude are essential compontents of pain recovery.


Learn how to use natural life stress to drive positive change. Build resiliency around life stressors, pain triggers, unforeseen events, and medical visits.


Sleep, nutrition, movement, and all-around life balance are key elements that support every step of your pain recovery journey.

One-on-one coaching

Pain recovery is a team effort. Your Lin pain recovery coach is a huge part of how you get better. Through regular live calls and messaging, your coach will help you integrate brain-first pain recovery techniques into your life, introduce you to new concepts and resources, provide support during challenging periods, and be there to celebrate big wins.

Behind every Lin coach is the shared wisdom of a panel of doctors, physical therapists, and psychologists with deep expertise in pain science and decades of experience.

Telehealth consult with a pain expert

Pain recovery begins with a thorough understanding of you. You will complete a full-person health assessment that will be reviewed by your Lin provider prior to your call. Book your telehealth appointment with one of Lin’s pain recovery providers and receive a comprehensive health overview & real-time recommendations for your next steps.

Start living your best life

Our goal is simple: to stop pain from interfering with your life and get you to a place where most of your days are pain-free (or nearly pain-free). 90% of our members show life-changing reductions in their pain within 4-6 months. We’re confident that we can help you reclaim your life from pain too.

Three months ago, I would have never thought this was possible ⚽️ 🏆 ⚽️🙌 So grateful!


Awesome! 👏 This is all you! You showed up and did the work.
How are you celebrating the big win?

Callie, Lin Coach

How Lin has changed our members’ lives

Didi M
Didi M

I went from five months of chronic back pain to virtually nothing in the span of three weeks. I feel cared for every step of the way. I feel like the whole team knows my name.

Cate H
Cate H

Some of the things that I’m able to do now that I wasn’t able to do before include, be medication-free. I haven’t had to take any pain medication since I started this program. Which is astonishing.

Linda K
Linda K

I cannot say enough good things about my coach. She is amazing, I feel like she truly cares about me. She is encouraging and supportive, and constantly providing me with resources for my next steps.

Sarra L
Sarra L

Lin has helped me feel like I have a relationship with my brain. And the pain is not completely in control of me, but that we are in dialogue.

Petra S
Petra S

After an odyssey of 30 years of not being able to hike, and having been in a wheelchair for a couple of months....surgeries.....I am now able to hike even trails that are marked difficult"

Lisa Z
Lisa Z

Incredible resource for those that have experienced chronic pain....I have dealt with chronic pain for over 15 years and this is the first time I feel hopeful about what the future holds. Blessed to have found this wonderful team!

Lisa H
Lisa H

I have had fibro since before it was “popular” (lol)! I’ve been in pain for over 30 years. Lin works. You have to be open to it working and be willing to put in the work yourself. If you are, you will definitely see a big difference in your quality of life.

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Excellent 4.6 out of 5

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