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I'm Dr. Abigail Hirsch — a pain psychologist. I’m here to help you find real relief from chronic pain.

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Layah Adler
After four months with Lin

“I felt like I wasn’t living my life because I was either in pain or worried that I would be in pain.

Since I started my program with my Lin coach, I feel so supported and the puzzle pieces keep coming together. It has been amazing. I don’t have pain anymore."

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Henry Raess

B.A. Communication (Informatics), University at Buffalo; Start-up Certificate, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, University at Buffalo; Certified Holistic Life Coach, Holistic Coach Training Institute

Hi, I’m Coach Henry! I’m a Holistic Coach using somatics, mindfulness and movement to help people heal and grow. I'm a father and life-long bicyclist that loves travel, outdoor adventure, and dancing. I’m an artist who has been practicing improvisational movement for over a decade. I have years of experience with mindfulness – including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – and am currently studying Somatic Experiencing. I’m excited to help people live more fulfilling lives as they recover from chronic pain.

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Ashton Cradit

Health & Wellness Coaching, Maryland University of Integrative Health

Hi, I’m Coach Ashton! I am a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) with an M.a. in Health & Wellness Coaching. I am a firm believer in the power of the mind/body connection and that we can use our mind as a tool towards optimal health and well-being. Through my personal experience with migraines, I understand that pain can come with many other experiences including confusion, loneliness, and frustration. I see the capacity we hold within our mind as a gift, that we can give back to ourselves, to dictate our healing journey. It is my mission as a Coach to meet my clients where they are with kindness, empathy and compassion. In addition to being a Coach, I am also a yoga teacher and work actively in my local community by organizing monthly litter clean-ups. I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with my dog, and seeing new places.

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Anna Maher

Hello, I’m Coach Anna! I had been on the merry-go-round of pain and fear for nearly two decades, chasing symptom after symptom, each time with renewed hope that there might be a different kind of life if I only knew how to reach it. It wasn’t until I stumbled, quite accidentally, onto the work we do here at Lin that I finally began to understand. The root of our suffering is within our own brain, often beneath our conscious awareness, protecting us in the only way it knows how. Just like we can aid our own fear and pain, we have it within ourselves to unlock the peace, freedom, and joy we so crave. Not only is it possible to heal, but we now have the privilege of scientific research to show us how to achieve it. It is my mission, with my years of immersion in chronic pain studies and Lin’s incredible platform, to help guide my clients toward that light.

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There are times when your pain is worse and times when it’s better.

For example, it’s less painful when you are distracted or doing something fun. Or your stomach pain gets really bad before tests. Or your hips are tender in the morning, but feel better as the day goes on.

For example, your pain may have started in your lower back, but over time it spread up to your neck. Or the pain started in one wrist, and over time both wrists started hurting.

For example, sometimes you experience a burning sensation, and at other times it feels achy, or throbbing.

For example, your back pain flares up when driving in the car. Or, you get migraines from bright lights.

For example, when you imagine bending over, running, or doing something else that really gets your pain flaring, you feel your pain increase.

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