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No one's experience of pain is exactly the same. That’s why the first step in getting out of pain lies in identifying the factors that contribute to your pain.

There are a lot of variables that influence our experience of pain: inflammation, dysfunctional movement patterns, stress, neuroplasticity, mental health challenges, disrupted sleep, and more. Studies have shown that integrative treatment approaches that jointly address these factors are the best choice in pain care.

Lin identifies the factors contributing to your pain, and provides a multidisciplinary treatment plan, designed just for you.

A comprehensive and whole person treatment approach

Treatment begins with an in-depth assessment conducted by a pain diagnostic specialist who is trained to identify the factors that contribute to your pain. We partner with the first telehealth providers who have been trained to diagnose Primary Chronic Pain using the ​​newest WHO standards, ICD-11, a standard of care that will not exist in most pain care clinics until at least 2023.

Accurate diagnosis is essential to understanding where and how the brain may be contributing to persisting pain. Likewise, this allows the Lin team to adjust treatment approaches where structural or inflammatory concerns are also present.

Understanding chronic vs acute pain

We start with a simple scientific fact: all pain is “real” pain.

However, some kinds of pain are short-term. This is called acute pain and is typically triggered by an injury or surgery or an illness. Very often, acute pain involves tissue damage of some kind. Once the tissue heals, the pain reduces and eventually stops altogether.

Chronic pain, on the other hand, is when pain persists beyond the normal healing time. Generally, if pain persists beyond three to six months, this is considered chronic or persistent pain.

Our coaches: they’ve been there and they get it

Personal coaching is core to our pain treatment model. Our coaches are all people who have their own pain history and have reclaimed their lives using the tools we provide at Lin. Our coaches know pain treatment options inside and out and are available for you every day.

The Lin care model works. 90% of Lin members lower their pain intensity, reduce pain interference in their lives, and/or start to sleep comfortably, feel happy and calm, and cope better if pain flares.

Brain-first approach

Lin’s care model begins with understanding the central importance of addressing the brain and its role in our body’s experience of pain. Research demonstrates that when the brain has been in pain for months or years, its pain circuits become sensitized and can cause pain to continue even after injuries have healed.

We call it brain-first treatment and it’s not quite as “out there” as it may sound. Science has proven that the brain controls every function of our body from the beating of our hearts to the movement of our limbs; so our focus includes brains and bodies.

Our care plans include:


Non-invasive pain relief devices

Best-in-class remote lifestyle tools

Anti-inflammatory supplements

Best-in-class remote mental health tools

(non-opioid) medications

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After just one month with Lin I had the lowest pain level that I'd had in 9 years... I am more excited for that than I've been about anything else in decades!

Google review by
Heather F.
5 star review
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5 star review
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The Lin program has become a central element in my healing process.

Google review by
Marla B.
5 star review
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I have loved working with Lin. I can't say enough about how much Lin has changed me.

Google review by
Sarra L.
5 star review
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After surgery, I was just told what not to do, instead of what I can do. Lin stepped in at the perfect time to help with pain management that doesn't require pain meds. Thank you, Lin!! You are the best!!

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5 star review

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