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We believe you

1 out of 5 people in the US suffers from chronic pain 1
85% of people with chronic pain also experience depression 2
Most people with chronic pain see five or more physicians on their search for answers 3

There is hope.

90% of Lin members experienced an improvement in pain intensity, pain interference, sleep, mental well-being, and/or a sense of empowerment.*

Our path to better

A comprehensive system.
Powered by real people.
Who really care.

Virtual meeting

with a pain management  trained physician

A personal coach

who understands pain

Customized recommendations

tailored to your needs

Streamlined access

to best in breed remote solutions

What our members say about us

“Lin has saved my life over this past month”
Lin member
“I'm learning to rename my pain, and it is taking some of the fear out of it. I worry less about it escalating or that it will turn into something bad”
Lin member
"Not having a migraine is pretty cool, because I’ve had those all my life… I haven’t had one in 2 weeks! For me, that’s a great improvement"
Lin member

Get started with Lin

1. Tell us your pain story and meet with your coach

2. Speak to a primary care physician and a specialist
(if needed)

3. Start your new pain care regimen with your coach

What’s on the platform?

Personal coaching for
pain management
Care coordination
Personal pain care plan
Dedicated primary care MD
Specialty care consultation
Digital health tools
Proven pain relief devices
Physical therapy
Sleep, Depression, Anxiety
and PTSD tools

The Team

Abigail Hirsch | Ph.D.

“We replace lonely searching and struggling with warm, supportive, best-in-class help for everyone coping with chronic pain to take back their life.”

Charlie Merrill
Physical Therapist, Clinical Advisor

“I trust that pain is a message to open my eyes, not close them. When I feel pain, I put my hand to my heart and see what's coming up - that wisdom is always meaningful.”

Yoni Ashar | Ph.D.
Pain Psychologist, Clinical Advisor

“Pain is a sensation created by our brains. Our brains can learn pain - and they can unlearn it, too, one step at a time.”

Terri Leichty
Lead Coach

“Simple habits help a lot with pain. Every day, I make sure to move my body, breathe deep when I'm stressed, and make a gratitude list.”



Lin is proud to power our telehealth services in all 50 states with SteadyMD.

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What does Lin cost?

Less than you might think! For just a few bucks a day you can enjoy full membership benefits.

What if I don't like Lin?

The Lin satisfaction guarantee. Test us out with confidence. If you complete a call with your coach, meet with one of our pain diagnostic professionals and use the Lin app at least once a week, and are not thrilled with your progress, we will happily refund your monthly membership.

Is Lin private?

Lin takes your privacy seriously. We do our utmost to safeguard your data and always get your permission before sharing your story with our pain care partners.

I’ve tried everything. Can Lin really help?

We believe we can. Our tech and services are designed to help you find a treatment that works for you. Either way, we will be there with you throughout your entire journey.

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