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Bring your patients the newest evidence-based chronic pain treatment

Work with Lin Health so your patients have access to the most effective psychological interventions for treating chronic pain.

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We understand health system priorities

Reduce chronic pain
emergency department visits

We help you identify the patients who are using the most resources and we treat them so you’ll see them in the ED less frequently.

Hit value-based targets

We increase patient satisfaction by empowering patients with evidence-based skills proven to lower the volume of pain signals and the fear of flare ups.

Increase retention to surgical & specialty care

When patients need interventional or surgical care, we’ll coordinate their care with your preferred in-system providers

We make getting started easy

Our team works with you to ensure smooth and effective integration.

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Our integrated pain psychology treatment reduces chronic primary pain significantly


reduction in pain intensity-
on par with the IMPACT study gold standard

doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001952

weekly patient


of patients report
significant improvement in level of function

Source: Lin Health 2023

Key benefits for patients in your network

Improve patient

Covered under most major insurance providers

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