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33% of all primary care visits are related to pain, yet chronic pain is still the leading disability in the United States with a 635 billion dollar price tag - that’s more than heart disease and cancer combined. The ICD-11 introduced chronic primary pain as a top-level diagnosis for pain presentations where bio-psycho-social factors drive pain.

To treat primary pain, we need to treat the mind and brain pathways that become increasingly centralized and sensitized with persistent pain.

Lin Health is an online pain recovery program with the only national provider network specially trained to provide medical diagnostic consultations assessing for chronic primary pain using the ICD-11 standards and deliver an evidence-based behavioral health-informed intervention to your patients.

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“The new diagnostic codes, which unfortunately will not be generally used in American healthcare until at least 2025, represent a sea-change in medical understanding of persistent pain. In ICD-11, pain is formally recognized as a top-level disorder - and in the case of Primary Pain, which is the correct diagnosis for at least 80% of persistent pain, the etiology of this pain is clear. Bio-psycho-social factors, like centralized sensitization, are prominent while tissue damage is not the core mechanism of the chronic pain experience.”

Dr. Shaheen Lakhan, MD, Lin Medical Advisor

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Within six months, 90% of Lin members lower their pain intensity, reduce pain interference in their lives, start to sleep comfortably, feel happy and calm, and cope better if pain flares.

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“I have been struggling for a more comprehensive approach to chronic pain that avoids unnecessary surgeries and costs. Lin has eloquently addressed this issue.”

Primary Care Physician

"I have been struggling to find appropriate resources for patients with chronic pain. These patients take the longest to see in the clinic and are the ones I often have the least to offer.”

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