Find real relief from CRPS, finally

  • Live 1:1 sessions with a certified pain recovery coach.

  • Learn psychology-based tools.

  • Clinically proven to reduce chronic pain.

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"[Lin is a] chronic pain recovery program that teaches members how to break their pain cycle so they can begin to reclaim their lives…"

“[Lin coach Tara] DiRocco is warm and empathetic...listening intently and offering judgement free observation and encourgement.”

“It’s not in your head – but there’s a good chance it’s not in your body either.”

The Lin difference

What will you gain from working with a certified CRPS pain recovery coach?

Learn techniques to rewire pain signaling in your nervous system

Break the pain-fear cycle feeding your CRPS

Gain tools for soothing your nervous system

Manage flare-ups when they arise

Address stress and other emotions impacting your pain

Safely reintroduce movement into your life

Identify and shift your pain avoidance behaviors

Build resilience to reclaim your life from CRPS long-term

How Lin has changed our members’ lives

Dan Schieffer
Dan Schieffer

Didi M
Didi M

I went from five months of chronic back pain to virtually nothing in the span of three weeks. I feel cared for every step of the way. I feel like the whole team knows my name.

Cate H
Cate H

Some of the things that I’m able to do now that I wasn’t able to do before include, be medication-free. I haven’t had to take any pain medication since I started this program. Which is astonishing.

Linda K
Linda K

I cannot say enough good things about my coach. She is amazing, I feel like she truly cares about me. She is encouraging and supportive, and constantly providing me with resources for my next steps.

Sarra L
Sarra L

Lin has helped me feel like I have a relationship with my brain. And the pain is not completely in control of me, but that we are in dialogue.

Petra S
Petra S

After an odyssey of 30 years of not being able to hike, and having been in a wheelchair for a couple of months....surgeries.....I am now able to hike even trails that are marked difficult"

Lisa Z
Lisa Z

Incredible resource for those that have experienced chronic pain....I have dealt with chronic pain for over 15 years and this is the first time I feel hopeful about what the future holds. Blessed to have found this wonderful team!

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5

CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) is an extremely painful condition that affects nearly 200,000 people annually in the US alone. Research from the Cleveland Clinic suggests that CRPS is caused by a pain processing disorder and can be helped by pain-specific, psychologically-based protocols.

It’s worked for our members. What if it worked for you too?

How does it work?


Complete a brief questionnaire

Answer a few questions and get matched with the right pain recovery coach for your goals.


Meet one-on-one with your coach

Schedule your first 30-min live session and begin working on the CRPS protocol.


Make progress every day

Chat with your coach between live sessions. Ask questions, get advice and additional resources, and celebrate big wins.

It sounds like you have really turned a corner, Marie! Tell me more about the mindset shift you mentioned.

Coach Jordan

My new perspective is, this is my brain's language and way of giving me biofeedback. Sometimes I just say, "thanks for the feedback but I got this.”


We’ve helped Lin members reclaim 10,000+ days from pain and counting

Imagine what life could be without pain at its center