Pain reduction guarantee or your money back

We understand that you have likely spent a good deal of time and money on all kinds of things that haven’t helped to reduce your pain for the long term. Maybe you’re concerned this won’t work either. We get it.

Our goal is simple: to stop pain from interfering with your life and get you to a place where most of your days are pain-free (or nearly pain-free). We’re so confident that we can help you reclaim your life from pain - that we’re willing to guarantee it. 

If you have been active in our three-month pain recovery boot camp and have not shown a reduction in your pain by the end of your program - we will refund your money (minus $149 for your initial telehealth consultation).

How is pain reduction measured?

Lin members complete regular self-assessments - this is how you track your progress and measure your experience of pain over time. Our number one priority at Lin is to help people reclaim their lives from pain - if our solution doesn’t work for you, we want you to find the solution that will. We stand behind our service, and we stand behind you. 

To be eligible for our guarantee, you must:

  • Complete the full three months of your pain recovery boot camp.

  • Complete regular self-assessment check-ins throughout the program.

  • Make progress in your program by completing activities and messaging your coach at least twice a week for the duration of your program.

  • Schedule and attend at least 80% of your recommended coaching calls.

  • You do not exceed three last-minute cancellations with your diagnostic or coaching calls.

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