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Grief, pain, and mind-body healing

Join Dr. Lilia Graue, a medical doctor, and clinical psychotherapist (LMFT) for a compassionate conversation about the surprising ways grief can show up when we're experiencing and healing from pain. Learn a mind-body framework for grief tending and pick up strategies for tending to grief.

Grief, pain, and mind-body healing

July 20, 10-11 am PST | 1-2 pm EST

Grief, pain, and mind-body healing

What to expect:

This is a workshop-style webinar for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of mind-body strategies for coping with the experience of pain and grief.

Things you’ll learn:

  • The surprising ways grief shows up when we're experiencing and healing from pain
  • A biopsychosocial framework for grief tending
  • Strategies for tending to your own grief

Download course resources here:

About your hosts

Dr. Lilia Graue

Dr. Lilia Graue


Dr. Lilia has had a private medical practice in Mexico City for the last 18 years. In addition to mind-body medicine and psychotherapy, she has significant experience in the field of eating and weight-related concerns. Lilia has personally recovered from chronic neuroplastic pain. She lives with her partner and three cats and enjoys baking sourdough, swimming, and practicing yoga and meditation.

Shannon Dougherty

Shannon Dougherty

Lin Health Coach

Shannon is a pain recovery coach who healed herself from 17 years worth of chronic pain and other symptoms her doctors considered incurable. Her mission is to help spread the word that chronic pain is curable and that no matter how hopeless it might feel, it can and it does get better. Her mantra is "keep going" because you just never know what is going to work and eventually something will!

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This event will begin on July 20, 10-11 am PST | 1-2 pm EST
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