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Dan’s Story:  From chronic back pain to whole-person transformation

Dan’s Story: From chronic back pain to whole-person transformation

Six months ago, I was lost in my pain.

It started in my right hip, and even after surgery and physical therapy it wouldn’t go away. Instead, it spread to my back and more of my body. I was living in constant fear, worried about every movement.

I did so many treatments and nothing worked. I started thinking that I was a medical mystery -not understanding put me in a very dark place. I just wanted to be myself again, that’s when I found Lin.

I worked with my coach to create a plan that fit my personality. We started with educational information, then somatic tracking, breathwork meditation, yoga, and building evidence lists. It was all very empowering.

I had previously tried some of this on my own, but with Tim’s guidance I had a breakthrough.

Lin shifted my perspective of chronic pain.

I had a lot of built-up stress, I lost all my healthy outlets because of my pain. New health issues would appear without going away.

My coach, Tim, helped me understand that my brain was trying to tell me that I was hurting, that something was wrong, and I wasn't dealing with things.

He helped me get to the point where I could understand that my body was fine and that my brain was the one that needed my attention.

Just six months ago, my world felt so small. Now, if something hurts, I know it’s gonna get better.

Thanks to Lin, I’m able to trace the origin of my pain and look back and see how my body was expressing stress through pain sensations. Knowing this helps me heal.

Dan Schieffer

My Recovery Toolbox

  • Favorite Neuroscience Fact: Motion is lotion - Your body is designed to move.
  • Fear-busting thought: I go straight to my evidence list writing, jot down what I’ve been doing, how far I’ve come, and what might be upsetting me. This melts my fear & pain away. 
  • What I’ve put into my life in place of pain: Meditation, focusing on emotions. I used to label myself, mountain biker, swimmer, scientist, now I see myself not just through these labels but also as an emotional and spiritual person.

Online program guided by a personal pain recovery coach. Scientifically proven to reduce pain.

Try a brain-focused approach and reclaim your life from pain. Online program guided by a personal pain recovery coach.

Our members say it best

Excellent 4.9 out of 5

Lin Health has given me my life back.

Lin Health has given me my life back. I struggled with daily chronic treatment resistant migraines and POTS for 8 years. My life was significantly affected as well as my husband's and children's. I started Lin Health and their pain repressing treatment in Jan/Feb and by April I was migraine free and also free from any POTS symptoms. I no longer take any medications for anything. My coach was the perfect match for me, always supporting me and meeting me where I was at.

Elizabeth J

Lin Health has changed my life!

The concept is solid, and the research is hard to dispute. Believing in the research is the most critical step. My pain has generally improved over 4 months from utterly debilitating to 60-80% better on most days. But it takes unavoidable work to chase your demons and recognize patterns that contribute. The Lin program makes it so easy. The most valuable part is my coach, who really cares and really helps. It is a journey, and we have to grow up and realize real improvement is a journey, and not a quick pill!

Marc McKenzie

Hope again

The access to the care kits and my coach. What I have learned regarding pain and the brains role in it all has been remarkable. I’ve learned through the kits and my coach that a bunch of my pain has been primary brain pain. It’s has given me hope when I was starting to feel really hopeless with it effecting so much of my life. I feel like I am getting my life back again. I would recommend this program to anyone that deals with pain.

Brenda Hitchcock

Lin Health has changed my life.

My experience with Lin Health has been amazing. I truly have nothing to say for changes or improvements. The information and tools acquired through Lin Health has changed my life, and in more ways than just pain management/resolution. I have and will continue to recommend Lin Health for anyone who is looking to receive help with pain relief. But I honestly think the tools given here can impact people with other debilitating issues such as anxiety, depression, etc.


Fibromyalgia had overtaken my life

Fibromyalgia had overtaken my life. Having tried numerous things over the past 5 years and only getting worse, I was skeptical and nervous from the start. Upon meeting Lauren, my skepticism and nervousness dissipated. Lauren’s genuine sincerity and calming presence enabled me to trust and learn the process. I am more active, much happier, and off pain meds. I am able to live my life again! I gladly recommend Lauren and Lin Health to others.

Kelly Davis

Amazing program for chronic pain

Amazing program for chronic pain. They pull all the different modalities together to treat chronic pain, and the care kits in the app are simply amazing! Thorough, logical, professional, and excellently presented. My pain recovery coach is wonderful and his program is worth every penny!

Kelly Lam

I’ve tried other apps/books/programs to…

I’ve tried other apps/books/programs to work on mind-body pain, but I think Lin may be the best. The program is well thought-out, with nuances for using the tools effectiveIy I haven’t seen before, as well as techniques that were new to me. And while the program is detailed, the instructions contain ideas and exercises that are practical and not as theoretical as others I’ve seen. And the coaching has been insightful and invaluable in ensuring I’m moving in the right direction.

Peter Hoag

Life Saving!!

Lin has made a HUGE and dramatic impact on my life. I went from being in chronic, severe pain to almost no pain. We’ve been able to learn a lot of root causes for why the pain flares as well, and it’s helped me significantly. I’m incredibly grateful for my coach especially. I most definitely would not have made such fast progress if it wasn’t for her helping me see things I would’ve missed on my own. I’ve been recommending it to a lot of my friends/family who are in pain and they are in awe of what a transformation I’ve had from it.

Kelly Calkins

Injured in 2013

Injured in 2013; I suffered chronic back pain for a decade. The Lin Health approach surpasses other treatments I've tried to relieve pain. Lin Health has changed my relationship with pain so that I'm more mobile and healthy. Totally endorsed.


I am grateful for Lin Health and all I…

I am grateful for Lin Health and all I have learned from one on one coaching and the tools provided in the app. My pain went from a 9-10 to a 1-2 in about 6 months. The tools have been life-changing and the new mindset is a growing work in progress. Give it a try, I can't say enough positive things about this experience.


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Check out our Free Resource Center with lessons & exercises to learn more about the latest science behind chronic pain.

Check out our Free Resource Center with lessons & exercises to learn more about the latest science behind chronic pain.

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