6 Best Chronic Pain Video Channels On YouTube

We’ve put together a list of eight of our favorite chronic pain influencers and their YouTube channels.

Shannon Dougherty
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January 24, 2022
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Living with chronic pain isn’t easy in the best of circumstances, but even more so when you don’t know anyone else dealing with the same condition or symptoms you have. Fortunately, it’s much easier to connect with others who can understand what you’re experiencing by accessing chronic pain Facebook groups and online communities, blogs, forums, and YouTube channels. With so many choices, you’re bound to find an online resource that can help you combat any isolation you’ve encountered due to chronic pain.

Studies have found that chronic pain vlogs, in particular, can provide strong emotional and educational support for both chronic pain vloggers and their viewers. Many vloggers have said that they started their chronic pain video channels to help others and themselves. The vlogging format lends itself to internal reflection (similar to keeping a chronic pain diary), boosting mood and reducing stress. It can also help form small impromptu groups of chronic pain warriors who can offer each other assistance and companionship.

Below we’ve put together a list of eight of our favorite chronic pain influencers and their YouTube channels. If you’re feeling alone on your journey, consider checking out some of these chronic pain management vlogs. This type of chronic pain coaching just might provide you with the connection, humor, information, and empathy that you need today.

1. Pain Doctor

After witnessing a close family member's difficult journey with severe recurrent pain, best friends, Drs. Tory McJunkin and Paul Lynch started their YouTube channel, Pain Doctor. Their goal is to teach others about the field of pain medicine and to provide relevant and helpful chronic pain news, education, and tips. Working with a team of experts who aim to alleviate pain caused by neck, back, joint, facial, and hip ailments, and cancer, their videos provide exercise and recovery recommendations and show procedures for educational purposes.


2. The Cure for Chronic Pain

Nicole Sachs, LCSW, is a speaker, author, psychotherapist, and host of The Cure for Chronic Pain. She has dedicated her professional life to working with others to help them overcome their chronic pain, and her vlog is an extension of this work. Her book The Meaning of Truth: Embrace Your Truth, Create Your Life, online courses, vlog, and podcast all support the idea that chronic pain sufferers can use “a unique personal narrative called JournalSpeak to rewire neural pathways that cause chronic symptoms.” Boasting over 13,000 followers, her vlog teaches viewers how to heal themselves using JournalSpeak, showcases people who have recovered, and includes engaging interviews and discussions with other folks in the field.  

3. Healing Chronic Pain - The Pain PT

Healing Chronic Pain - The Pain PT is led by Jim Prussack, a licensed physical therapist who teaches a mind-body approach to chronic pain. Jim’s vlog aims to educate people about using their brain and nervous system to alleviate their chronic pain symptoms and ailments. He uses Skype to connect with patients worldwide and meets with local clients in and around San Diego, CA. In his videos, Jim discusses many chronic pain-related subjects, including the role of conditioning in pain, emotional regulation skills, the fear-avoidance cycle, and how to navigate the recovery journey.    

4. The ILC Ehlers Danlos & Chronic Pain Foundation

The ILC Ehlers Danlos & Chronic Pain Foundation vlog aims to help people who live with Ehlers Danlos Syndromes and chronic pain. The video series focuses on healthcare education and how folks can navigate community-based support. Topics include reviews of medical apps, discussions of issues in our healthcare system, Q&As with medical professionals, multi-speaker panels, conversations about hereditary and genetic considerations, and so on. The tone is friendly, but the aim is to educate, and the speakers in the videos are high-level, professional, and very knowledgeable in their specialized areas.

5. Chronic Pain Conversation

Hosted by Khalilah Bruzual and Sheriffa McLaren-Tomas, Chronic Pain Conversations offers up “open and honest dialogue about chronic pain.” The two hosts share their chronic pain experiences and talk about managing recurrent pain. More than anything, they want chronic pain sufferers to know that they aren’t alone. Videos of Khalilah and Sheriffa’s include “Black and In Pain,” “Love, Intimacy, and Chronic Pain,” “Mental Health and Depression,” and so on, in addition to informative videos about various conditions like Lyme disease, irritable bowel syndrome, gout, lupus, cancer, arthritis, and more. If you’re looking for a vlog that is full of personality, wit, and helpful information, look no further than Chronic Pain Conversations. 

6. Chronic Pain Hacker

The purpose of the Chronic Pain Hacker videos is to teach the principles of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which includes cognitive-behavioral strategies like mindfulness and meditation. Led by Shannon Green, the videos provide different ways to combat chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Over the years, Shannon has discussed numerous topics, including the importance of vitamin D, back/neck/shoulder exercises, reviews of CBD, side effects of various medicines, support group recommendations, the benefits of pet therapy, sleep hygiene tips, and more. Shannon’s straightforward and honest advice and personal insights will assist you in finding helpful chronic pain hacks.

So the next time you’re feeling lonely and like no one around you understands the pain you’re experiencing, try watching some of the above chronic pain vlogs for a good dose of laughter, empathy, and information. And if you need consistent, real-life, one-on-one support on your chronic pain journey, check out Lin. In place of generic tips, you’ll work with a caring and compassionate health coach to develop a personalized pain relief plan that incorporates all aspects of your health, including stress, diet, exercise, sleep, lifestyle, your medical and pain histories, and more. Visit Lin today for more information.

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