Our Favorite Chronic Pain Memes for 2022

Memes and quotes for living with chronic pain that will make you laugh, cry, and cry from laughing

Dr. Lara Birk, Ph.D.
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December 27, 2021
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Chronic pain isn’t usually a lighthearted topic. Understandably. If you live with pain day in and day out, it’s probably pretty hard to view it in a positive light or to trivialize it. Especially when most people around you don’t understand the discomfort - even agony - that you experience or how you might struggle to accomplish the simple tasks they take for granted. The whole journey can at times be lonely, frustrating, and disheartening.

Although it isn’t always easy, it can be good to occasionally take a step back and find some humor during our pain experiences. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? Believe it or not, it’s possible to find a good chronic pain meme or two online that might make you chuckle or even help you feel not so alone in your chronic pain fight.

Below we’ve compiled some of our favorites. From more generic pain management memes and living with chronic pain memes to ones that cover specific conditions (like fibromyalgia memes and chronic back pain memes). We’ve got it all. And we’ve even thrown in a few memorable chronic pain quotes too. Anything to help us put our chronic pain into perspective and lighten the day (or week... or life)!


1. Sometimes pain medication just isn’t enough …

Chronic Pain Meme

2. So many people don’t understand that the pain doesn’t go away …

Inspiring Meme for People with Chronic Illness

3. We fight unseen battles,  daily …

Chronic pain quotes

4. It can be so hard to do things that should be easy …

Chronic Illness Humor

5. So we need to be proud of what we can do …

Chronic pain quote

6. Going to the doctor doesn’t always help ...

Living with chronic Pain meme

7. You don’t have to be old to suffer from joint pain …

Chronic Illness Meme

8. We hate it when people think we’re faking being sick …

Hide the pain meme

9. The struggle to deal with it all is real …

Chronic Pain Meme

10. But we need to keep believing that we will make it …

Inspirational Quote for Chronic Pain Warriors

11. Maybe we’re just like cats …

Cat Chronic Pain Meme

12. Sometimes the path to recovery isn’t what we expect at all …

Chronic Illness Meme

13. Just one aspect of fibromyalgia …

Funny Chronic Pain

14. So many of us deal with chronic lower back pain …

Deal with chronic lower back pain

15. But through it all, some days we’re lucky to feel good …

Living with chronic Pain meme

Hopefully this compilation of memes and quotes brought a smile to your face. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that others are facing similar challenges and that we aren’t all alone. Here at Lin, we understand how hard it is to live with chronic pain, and we want to help. Contact us today to be paired with a caring and compassionate health coach who will work with you to create an integrative and holistic care plan for your needs. Get back to living the full life you deserve!

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